Saturday, June 5, 2010

I am Spartacus

Islam needs to understand THEIR fight is within...

Their religion of "peace" is intolerant of other human beings,
and has been hijacked by Islamic radical extremists who believe their way is the only way.

Islam screams for respect,
and unfortunately, the free world will not blindly
respect anyone, prophet or otherwise who cannot respect the individuals God given right to free thought, choice and belief,
enforced by their belief that I must follow or die...

If they cannot let me freely CHOOSE their belief because I believe it is right...
then they don't deserve my respect.

Mainstream Muslims need to fight back within their own communities
and weed out the small minority imposing their radical agenda on the rest,

Religious beliefs are a CHOICE given freely to all people,
and those being persecuted by secularism will demonstrate the need for tolerance.
However for tolerance to work, it must be reciprocal,
and tolerance appears to the intolerant jihadist as a weakness.

These depictions are only attempts at showing that those are your obligations to your Almighty.
I do not have to adhere to something I don't believe in,
just as Muslims don't have to adhere to something they don't believe in...
for example those who are NOT Muslim,
are not obligated to the Muslim call to prayer...

do they deserve to be put to death for that ?

Just as Muslims do not receive the body of Christ...
they do not deserve to be killed for that.

Therefore, harmless depictions of THEIR prophet from non believers should mean nothing to them...

These 12 cartoons sparked large and violent protests after a Danish newspaper published these cartoons of Mohammad.
Later the same year, a suspected al-Qaida suicide bomber attacked the Danish Embassy in Islamabad, killing six people.
These attacks in the name of Mohammed also include
the fatwa proclaimed by the Ayatollah Khomeini on Salman Rushdie in 1989 for writing the NOVEL "Satanic Verses",
and the shooting and stabbing death of film maker Theo Van Gogh on the streets of Amsterdam,
in broad daylight as he rode his bicycle to work by a man of Moraccan descent and bent on jihad.

Van Gogh, the great grandson of Vincent Van Gogh,
had worked with Somali-born writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali to produce the film Submission,
which was critical of the treatment of women in Islam.
On November 2, 2004 he was assassinated by Mohammed Bouyeri, a Dutch-Moroccan Muslim.
This type of indiscriminate violence demonstrated against innocent people who are NOT Muslim,
is the reason Muslims are seeing these types of responses.

which is more disrespectful...

or this...

which is more offensive...

or this...

Radical Muslims do not consider the people slaughtered in these attacks as innocent victims as you and I do...
In the eyes of radical Muslims they are ALL GUILTY, because they have not accepted Mohammed and Islam.

People do not draw these pictures or produce these films because they have nothing better to do,
or simply out of disrespect...

They are simply standing up for THEIR rights to freedom of expression and religion,
Not only for themselves, but for YOU and all religions

If radical Muslims are willing to take peoples lives and take away your freedoms (like facebook) for the acts of another,
What is next ?

Who will stand up for YOU when they decide they don't like what you have said ?

By telling non believers that they cannot draw a depiction
of THEIR prophet,
Radical Islam is attempting to impose their beliefs on
people in every country around the globe.

People EVERYWHERE should be to free to worship how and whom they please,
After all, it is YOUR eternity at stake, not THEIRS.
It is an eternal decision we ALL make.

You could be wrong,
I could be wrong,
Muslims could be wrong,
Jews could be wrong,
Christians could be wrong,
Buddhists could be wrong.

Truth is, no one knows until we get there.
and until the mainstream Muslims differentiate themselves from RADICAL Muslims ,
people of other faiths will continue their fight for freedom of expression and worship.

If any religion that forces people to worship in the name of THEIR God is wrong in the end,
they have condemned all the people they forced to believe their faith, to eternal Hell.

the difference is the rest of the free world
DEFENDS Islam by giving them the FREEDOM to believe
and worship as they please....equally EVERYWHERE !

And in return Islam defends ITSELF only....
by persecuting individuals and limiting access to information,
and by labeling non-believers as INFIDELS who DESERVE to be either converted or eliminated.
In countries where their clerics rule, no other beliefs, opinions or laws are allowed.

In countries based in individual freedoms,
you are free to build your Mosques, churches, and temples
and worship who YOU wish...

And Radical Islam is exploiting these principals at every opportunity...

This is the same man Anjem Choudary...
who lives off 25,000 quid a year of government assistence in Britain because he does not have a job...

After enjoying his life of SIN...
He now believes it is his right to impose Sharia on others...
the hypocrisy is astounding !!

Radical Muslims are systematically imposing their beliefs around the world by creating small pockets in the freedom based western world through Sharia law,
while using our laws of freedom of religion and expression to defend THEIR right to do so.

Muslim or Islamic law, is both civil and criminal justice, regulating individual conduct both personal and moral.
The custom-based body of law, is based on the Quran and the religion of Islam.
Because, by definition, Muslim states are theocracies,
religious texts are law,
distinguished by Islam and Muslims in their application,
as Sharia law.

However the western laws of individual rights prohibit you from IMPOSING your beliefs and religious laws forcibly on other people.

By design of the Islam prophet Muhammad, and HIS Koran,
Islamic or Sharia law is the control of the personal and moral life of the people who are bound to it,
and overreaches civil law or common law systems.

For example, in Sharia law, it is forbidden for post-pubescent women to expose their faces in public.
The use of alcohol and the consumption of pork are prohibited.
Because the governments are often theocratic,
any criticism of the government is taken as blasphemy,
for which the Sharia prescribes prison or death.

Sharia law often conflicts with common law or civil law jurisdictions, because of the cruelty and gender-bias of its content.
For example,

“In 2002, a Nigerian Sharia court sentenced Amina Lawal to be stoned to death for having a child out of wedlock; in contrast, the man named as the father denied responsibility, and as a result, the court dropped charges against him."

“In another case, teenager Bariya Magazu asserted that she was raped by three men and became pregnant as a result. Because she had sex outside of marriage, a Sharia court sentenced her to one hundred lashes, even though seven people corroborated her story. The men accused of the rape received no punishment."

“The extreme bias against women is apparent in sentences of adultery or fornication under Sharia. A woman is convicted simply by becoming pregnant, but a man is not condemned unless four people can testify that they witnessed the normally private acts of adultery or fornication."

“Countries such as Nigeria impose flogging, stoning, or severing off a hand ... all of which are deterrent punishments for serious crimes mentioned in the (Koran).” -2006 article published in the international law review of Loyola Law School at Los Angeles

And yet Muslims resent the portrayal of Sharia as medieval...

From the Koran, and from legal texts, Sharia law states...

While in public, women must cover their faces with a Hijab.
Men can have up to FOUR wives and can divorce (called talaq) at their option.
If they do not divorce their first wife but just abandon her, she is obliged to carry on as a married woman and cannot seek out another spouse without risking the traditional punishment for adultery: stoning.
Stoning is done in public by first wrapping a person in a blanket and burying them in a deep hole exposing their head and the population gathered around is invited to throw large stones at the adulterer, the size of which Sharia law prescribes, and a sentence always fatal.
The penalty after a fourth conviction of a homosexual act is death.
Adoption is not allowed. Adults can become guardians of the children of others but not the legal parents through adoption.
Sharia law prohibits dating and marriage between a Muslim and a non-Muslim and it is practically impossible for a Muslim (even a recent convert) to renounce the Muslim faith.
Any abandonment of the Muslim faith is itself a serious crime (apostasy) with severe punishment.
Sharia law has a stringent evidentiary requirement for eye witnesses, preferably from men.
Convictions for crimes cannot be based on circumstantial evidence alone.
Vagrancy can carry tough penalties such as jail and caning.
Many states which implement Sharia law have blasphemy statutes implementing punishments of prison or death to any person preaching Christianity or the distribution of Christian items.
Followers of Sharia law believe it to be divinely inspired,
as the word of THEIR God (Allah).

but...if you follow Mohammeds rules closely...
this is OK...

How anybody can justify this in their own mind is beyond me...

Muslims constantly point to the tolerance of “social problems” (homosexuality, crime and divorce)of other countries,
claiming these issues are the result of their western systems of law.
They then use these statistics to justify THEIR personally invasive Sharia as a deterrent that then allows the people and society to attain their true potential, as God aspires.

So while Muslim taxi cab drivers in Minnesota refuse service to people not abiding Sharia law...
and special bathrooms are put in airports and paid for by YOUR tax dollars so Muslims can wash their feet...
while a Muslim father executes his daughters in Texas for being "to western" in what is referred to as a "honor killing"...
while terrorist use Mohammed to justify the 9/11 attacks...
As a teacher has a Fatwa placed on her head for naming a teddy bear Mohammed in her class...
while insurgents use Mohammed to justify car bombings of innocent men, women and children...
As Muslim politicians use Mohammed to "wipe Israel of the map"...

and while this continues to get closer and closer to home....

They are OUTRAGED and DEEPLY OFFENDED by cartoons of THEIR beloved Mohammed...and demand the killing of the young lady declaring "everybody draw Mohammed day".

If YOUR religion believes that YOU cannot depict a picture of a prophet,
That is YOUR right,
given to YOU from YOUR Almighty,
It is not for me or anybody else to tell YOU what to do.

However, I may not believe in YOUR Almighty,
and I do not have to adhere to YOUR beliefs,
That is MY right
given to ME by MY Almighty,

And you do not have the RIGHT to behead ME
because I choose to do something YOUR religious beliefs deem disrespectful.

Tolerance, Freedom and Knowledge
are the three diciplines most difficult to allow...
because it empowers EVERYBODY,
not just those imposing the rules.

Christians are not strapping bombs on children and killing innocent people because they don't believe in Christianity...
Buddhists are not blowing up train stations or flying planes into buildings because people don't believe in Buddha...

Again, when MAINSTREAM Muslims decide to show the world the difference between themselves and the RADICALS,
respect will follow,
but right now the rest of the world cannot see the difference.

The glaring difference is that
Christians, Jews and Buddhists are prepared to die for their faith..
Radical Muslims are prepared to KILL YOU if you don't believe in their faith...

Christ and Buddha led a life of purity,
leading and living a life of peace, love, tolerance and understanding through example,

Mohammed led a life of destruction,
leading and living by terror and fear, with adultery, pedophilia, and murder....

it's not such a tough call....

The only judge for you should be your Almighty,
not some religious zealot. honor of all that have gone before,
In honor of the Theo Van Goghs,
the cartoonists and Kurt Westergaard,
Dutch politician Geert Wilders,
In defence of the young lady calling for "everybody draw Mohammed day",
I stand with them.....

Stand up...while we still are able...
In honor of all those who fight in our name,
and defend all of the freedoms we take for ganted,
and enjoy everyday...

I ask you to remember this...

1:27 And on the sixth day God created man,
male and female created he them.
1:28 And God blessed them...
- the book of Genesis

It is with those words that I stand up and hope YOU will stand with ME and defiantly proclaim....

Hey...I have an idea...
how about you believe in your Almighty, and I'll believe in mine,
and when we get to the other side we can shake hands and I'll buy you a beer.

It's called tolerance and freedom,
Radical Muslims should try it on sometime...
it will look good on them.

With that I invite you to now enjoy some Blasphemy with me...

Thanx for being here...
pass this on...
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

...Never Forget...

We'll start this episode with tradition...

The words in this video...

Are an oath WE ALL TAKE with our birthright,
and as citizens of this great land...

Even though some may not be able to strap on helmets,
lace up our boots, or carry our weapon everywhere we go,

We must promise to keep the words of the greatest
in our past...

"I do the very best I know how-
the very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing so
until the end..." because...
"America will never be destroyed from the outside.
If we should falter and lose our freedoms,
it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
-President Abraham Lincoln

With that being said we will kick start this edition with that awesome all American tradition...


now that's what I call low on the deck...

followed up with a couple tributes to the very best...

which most certainly includes these guys...

A perfect demonstration that...

"courage is fear...
holding on a minute longer"
-General George S. Patton

Make no mistake,
"God must love the common man, he made so many of
them."-Abraham Lincoln

And when our troops are holding true to their convictions
everywhere around the world,

Understand it is You...their families they miss the most,
and long to return home too.

But it was once said...
"it is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
Rather we should thank God that such men lived"
-General George S. Patton

However it would be a great disservice if we do not
teach ourselves to have empathy for those who
live THESE moments,
in our name, every day...

They do so because...
"War may be fought with weapons,
but it is the spirit of men who follow
and the man who leads
that gave them victory.
The Coward is the one
who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty...
Better to fight for something,
than to live for nothing."
-General George S. Patton

Yet I challenge you to ask yourself...
have we as a nation become so divided that we don't know just who we really are ???

Has our nations "greatest generation" already come ???

Will our generation be...
"Those who give up essential liberty to purchase a little
temporary safety," who "deserve neither liberty or safety."
-Benjamin Franklin

Can our generation honestly say that we have successfully taught these words to the next generation...
that will protect OUR liberties in OUR old age...

"Let us have faith that right makes might;
again that faith let us to the end,
dare to do our duty as we understand it..."
and that our "dream is of a place and time where
America will once again be seen as
the last best hope on earth."
-President Abraham Lincoln

Has Memorial Day and Veterans Day to most of us become just a 3 day weekend

Or have we successfully passed on to the next generation,
that somebody they will never know or meet,
somebody ELSES husband or wife,
somebody ELSES father or mother,
somebody ELSES brother or sister or
somebody ELSES friend,
sacrificed their freedom,
their family and ultimately their life...

Do our children REALLY understand that somebody ELSE did this...

Have we..."those who may not have strapped on helmets,
laced up our boots,
or carried a weapon everywhere we go..."
done OUR part...
kept OUR promise ?

Will our generations greatest contribution be that we did not drop the torch that Lady Liberty proudly holds so high...

How will WE be remembered...

Keep the words of our Founders in the minds of everyone you know, young and old...

and never let them forget....

We as a people need to understand
that it has really never been about
right and left,
red versus blue or
Republicans versus Democrats...

It is, and always has been, about Right and Wrong.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand"
-President Abraham Lincoln

And finally I will leave you with this...

"Were my soul trembling on the wing of eternity,
were this hand freezing to death,
were my voice choking with the last struggle,
I would still, with the last gasp of that voice,
implore you to remember the truth...

God has given America to be free."
-Patrick Henry

and Never Forget,

"Government of the people,
by the people, and for the people,
shall not perish from the earth."
-President Abraham Lincoln

Oh yeah...
and just one more FLY OVER...

I think I may have to change my tightie whities after that !!!!!!

This site is dedicated to All who serve,
or have served...

Raymond C. King - Private First Class - Medic
Born 7/18/1917 - Killed in Action 1/26/1945

After taking part in this memorial...
If you have somebody in your life,
that you wish to add to this distinguished list,
please list their name and information in the comment section below.

Thanx for being here...

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