Monday, February 22, 2010

Lets Play Connect the Dots

Now I know that we all have short memories, but how many remember hearing this from the Presidents campaign over and over and over...

well, well, well...take a look at this list and you tell me if he really meant what he said...

Melody Barnes, lobbyist for-ACLU; Center for Reproductive Rights
Emmett Beliveau, lobbyist for-PriceWaterhouseCoopers; Worldwide Medical Technologies
Cassandra Butts, lobbyist for-Center for American Progress
William Corr, lobbyist for-Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Martha Coven, lobbyist for-Center on Budget & Policy Priorities
Phillip Crowley, lobbyist for-Center for American Progress
Thomas Donilon, lobbyist for-Fannie Mae
Derek Douglas, lobbyist for-Public Transportation Safety Int'l
Jocelyn Frye, lobbyist for-Nat'l Partnership for Women & Families
Patrick Gaspard, lobbyist for- SEIU
Gabriella Gomez, lobbyist for-American Federation of Teachers
Krista Harden, lobbyist for-National Barley Growers Association;
National Sunflower Association;
American Soybean Association;
U.S. Canola Association
Scott Harris, lobbyist for-Microsoft; Cisco; Dell; Sprint
David Hayes, lobbyist for-Sempra Energy; General Cigar Holdings
San Diego Gas & Electric;
Alan Hoffman, lobbyist for-RAND Corporation, Unocal
Eric Holder, lobbyist for-Global Crossing;
Large Scale Biology Corporation
Sean Kennedy, lobbyist for- AT&T
Ron Klain, lobbyist for- Time Warner; ImClone; Fannie Mae
Jon Leibowitz, lobbyist for- Motion Picture Association of America
Robert Litt, lobbyist for-Recording Industry Association of America
William Lynn, lobbyist for- Raytheon
Demetrios Marantis, lobbyist for- Lucent Technologies
Dennis Mcdonough, lobbyist for- Center for American Progress
Cecilia Munoz, lobbyist for - National Council of La Raza
Leon Panetta, lobbyist for- Seismic Safety Coalition
Mark Patterson, lobbyist for - Goldman Sachs
Robert Perciasepe,lobbyist for- National Audubon Society
Thomas Perrelli, lobbyist for - American Survivors of 8/7/98 Bombings of Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
Daniel Poneman, lobbyist for - Payless Shoe Source
Peter Rundlet, lobbyist for - Center for American Progress
Miriam Sapiro, lobbyist for - VeriSign
Kathleen Sebelius, lobbyist for - Kansas Trial Lawyers Association
Susan Sher, lobbyist for - University of Chicago Hospitals
Dana Singiser, lobbyist for- AT&T; Apollo Advisors;Pfizer;
Motion Picture Association of America
American Express; Bank of New York
Nancy Stoner, lobbyist for - Natural Resources Defense Council
Michael Strautmanis,lobbyist for- Association of Trial Lawyers of
Thomas Strickland, lobbyist for - Amgen
Robert Sussman, lobbyist for - Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Navistar,
Business Roundtable
Mona Sutphen, lobbyist for - Angliss Int'l
Michael Taylor, lobbyist for - Monsanto
John Trasvina, lobbyist for - Mexican American Legal Defense Fund
Dan Turton, lobbyist for - Freddie Mac; Chrysler; American Medical
Association, Visa
Richard Verma, lobbyist for - National Association of Convenience
Stores, U.S.-India Business Council,
Thomas Vilsack, lobbyist for - National Education Association
William Wilkins, lobbyist for - Swiss Bankers Association;

That's Right !!! , that is no less than 46...46 lobbyists in one year from Mr. I'm gonna change the way Washington works, no more lobbyist making policy.
Now keep in mind that President Obama has the Majority in both houses, hence the only people holding up his nominees are HIS OWN PARTY ! They can get any of their appointees in place without an executive privilege if HIS OWN PARTY agreed with him,...

So what we have here is that he can't even get the players on his own team to play, which of course makes it everybody elses fault. But he has appointed almost 330 positions. Of those appointees a total of 65 are from his campaign or fundraising team, 45 attended or taught at Harvard, and 90 are former Clinton appointees. Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden and Mrs. Clinton, who ran separate campaigns during last year's Democratic primaries, have already appointed their political supporters to an unprecedented 35-40 percent of foreign ambassadors.
We are certainly seeing a change in the culture of how Washington works. I mean I don't see any representation on this list from special interest groups like the (Motion Picture Association of America),banks (Bank of New York, Goldman Sachs), unions (SEIU), lawyers(Association of Trial Lawyers of America), big oil(Unocal) or drug makers(Pfizer) on there anywhere....wait a minute !

I guess its a good thing the Presidents appointees don't have an agenda....

huh !?!?!? agenda here...move along now...

Ummmm, Okay...We can count on his appointees being honest...right ??

Wait wait wait...Our Secretary of Treasury didn't pay his taxes because he used Turbo Tax...I'm sure if you or I apologized you could have a high ranking government job right ?
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner former president of the NY fed, picked a former Goldman Sachs lobbyist as a top aide, the same day he announced rules aimed at reducing the role of lobbyists in agency decisions.
Mark Patterson will serve as Geithner's chief of staff at Treasury, which oversees the government's $700 billion financial bailout program. Goldman Sachs received $10 billion of that money.
Mr. Geithner is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Johns Hopkins, where he received a master’s degree in international economics and East Asian it any wonder our economy resembles Europe's
economic disaster?
But I thought Joe Biden made it clear....

Of course the Presidents Chief of Staff is on the up and up...

I could swear he just said CRISIS....He said CRISIS.....AAAAAAAAAHH
run away ...
Hey....didn't we just talk about that in the last blog ?
coincidence....lets ask the Secretary of State...
I think not...

Well I guess all we can do now is connect the dots...
let's see Obama to Clinton to Holder to Sotomayor to Napalitano to Emmanual to Sebelius to Biden and so on and so on and so on and back to Obama...
Hey look it's picture of a giant Jackass...

The question is who does the flattering portrait portray....
Us for voting them in,...or Them because they are ?

And now for some comedy....

until next time...

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